07 October 2015

Pregnancy Journal: 28 Weeks

Hello third trimester! You're already just as bad as everyone said you'd be. 
My feet now look like one of the following stages: swollen, non-cute chubby baby feet, forced to be barefoot in public, or hobbit feet sans hair. I have 3 pairs of flip flops coming in the mail this week... so yay! I'll have shoes to wear again!

On the topic of swelling (so lovely), the wedding ring has been off this week. It can probably still fit most days, but I'm terrified of having it get stuck.

I'm feeling the pregnancy waddle starting to come on. 
I don't think I could ever get too much sleep at this point. 
And one of my doctors has informed me that my current size is most likely what I'd be if I was having a singleton at full term. Basically he said the next couple months will feel like a long drawn out week 40, and that I have every right to complain.  
Heaven help me. 

I'm still working and keeping myself busy. Although I'm getting more excited to stop my job and really get down to organizing and preparing for these babies. I am itching to give in to my "nesting" inclinations. (the other day I stayed up until 1am going through our closet/medicine box/sewing stuff and throwing out things we don't use/need. Scott was definitely worried and did not get what was going on. 

Which, speaking of nesting, the crib is officially set up! It looks so empty and plain, but I love waking up and seeing it in our room. 

Babies are still active and jumping around! Sometimes I wish I could just sit in bed all day and enjoy their every movement. Baby girl has always been quite a mover, while baby boy is a bit more lazy and chill - I'm interested to see how that plays out post-pregnancy.

Really, I'm just so shocked I'm already at 28 weeks. I can't believe I only have 2 months until they're here - this pregnancy is going by so fast! I'm half nervous because of the unknown of having children, half SO STOKED OUT OF MY MIND to have two little humans with me.

ps. Halloween is this month... any suggestions? I need to take advantage of this belly.

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