05 October 2015


It's been a week since my last day as an ordinance worker at the temple. I can't believe my time there is already over. 

It's amazing to look back to a year ago when I started working there - I felt lonely, frustrated, and so lost. Little by little I found a more purpose, and more peace each week. Slowly my situation began to shift. 

Some days I showed up with tears in my eyes after just leaving a meeting with the Doctor.  
Some days I was tired. And some I was happy to get a break from my heavy feelings. 
But my favorite day was when I carried in my pocket the ultrasound that showed two little bean shaped babies, and rejoiced and cried with my fellow workers. 
From there, I had some sick days (darn morning sickness), the other workers greeted me with a "hello our little mama," and I felt so much happiness.

My time working at the temple has been such a special part of my time here in Vegas. So much changed and evolved throughout my time working there. It has affected me in the best way possible, and has blessed me in more ways than I can count. As I've gone to the temple, I've felt greater peace in my every day life, felt closer to God and to Christ, and felt more of a surety of who I am. Most importantly, I've seen individuals and families come together in true happiness. I love the temple, I love what it teaches. It's such a vital and important part of the gospel and of my life - I really hope others don't pass up opportunities to go, when so much good is available to them. 

I'll forever look back on my time working there with fondness (now here's to waiting 18+ years until I can work there again!).


  1. What an awesome blessing!! I'm so happy you got to do that!

  2. i'm a temple worker in the draper temple right now and IT'S THE BEST!!!! i came home from my mission and sort of just hated everything about my life until i started working at the temple. changed my entire life.