11 October 2015

those sacred simple moments

Scott posed this statement to me recently. 
This could be your only pregnancy.

He isn't being pessimistic. He's actually being very realistic. 
But it made me stop and think about my pregnancy this far. I've tried to be honest and lay out some of my thoughts in previous posts - but I've realized that some can also seem a bit negative.

In all honesty pregnancy has been amazing. I've heard so many others complain about being pregnant I assumed I would hate these 9 months of my life. I do sometimes struggle with body image, the discomforts, and not having everything perfectly lined up for my babies. But really, things have been relatively easy and uncomplicated thus far. 
I've loved being able to push myself to exercise and be healthy, but still take full advantages of napping and laying around. I love when Scott talks to the babies, and I see his face light up (and freak out) when he feels them kick. I love sorting through the baby clothes and "nesting."

But the most precious and sacred moments of my pregnancy have been in the quiet moments of the night, when my eyes are heavy and I'm surrounded by silent, empty darkness. I can feel my babies moving everywhere - this is their most active time of the day. They move with little flutters and big kicks, and my heart fills with so much love and gratitude for these two little people.

I'm amazed with how much I love these unborn beings. When I found out their genders and where they were positioned, I suddenly felt a surge of love for them. I could ask baby girl to stop kicking me too hard or encourage baby boy to move around a bit more.
As they've gotten bigger and as we have started listing names for them, I love imagining what they will look like, and what kind of people they will be.

But really, I just want to remember those simple nights, on the edge of dreams, wrapping my arms around the tiny life inside of me, and falling asleep with a full heart.

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  1. This is incredibly sweet! I too wonder if this could be my only pregnancy... It makes every moment count and that much more special. I can't wait to start feeling my baby girl move! You are one gorgeous momma!