06 November 2015

Pregnancy Journal: 32 Weeks

I've hit 32 weeks, which according to my doctor, deserves a congratulations! Apparently 32 is a big milestone to reach, as the babies now have a 90% chance of survival without any major long-term developmental problems. Yay!

Since the last update, I've ended my job - although I'm incredibly sad about it and I'll miss working there, it was actually really good timing as I've gotten so much more tired, sore, and uncomfortable.

At one of our high risk appointments about a month ago, we were told that Baby Girl (A) was smaller than they'd like while Baby Boy was growing right along with the singleton stats.   Because of this, I was told I would need to start weekly monitoring to make sure she wasn't under any stress.

Last week, we had another appointment with this doctor to follow up and see how Baby Girl was growing. Luckily, she's added on some weight. However, she is still quite small compared to where they want her to be. I've been told I'm not on "official" bed rest, but that I need to rest more, and eat around 100g of protein a day (Please tell me how someone that not only dislikes lots of meat, and is lactose intolerant is supposed to eat that much freaking protein?!). I also now go to appointments 2-3x a week to check up on the babies, and I'll schedule a c-section for sometime within the first two weeks of December!

Baby Boy is currently 4. 2 pounds while Baby Girl is 3.5 pounds. Kind of crazy to think I have over 7 pounds of baby that I'm carrying around with me.

Speaking of weight, I've definitely gained a lot of it. Still completely terrifies me to see that scale go up - Scott thinks it's just hilarious.
Unfortunately, the added weight of the babies has taken a toll of my body - I often wonder how I'm ever supposed to last another month of this. My back is out - I can hear a pop above my left hip every time I walk around. Sleeping through the night just doesn't happen anymore. My ligaments around my lower belly feel sore and are painful to touch. And I'm basically limited to about 3 different shirts (and I'm starting to grow out of my maternity pants!).

I've noticed that Baby Girl has hiccups almost daily now, while Baby Boy likes to nestle up against my upper right ribs, which is not super comfortable.

I'm feeling super large and in charge and have found that I can't go out in public without at least one person commenting on the large-ness of my belly. But, I still quite enjoy watching people's eyes bug out when I tell them there are two babies in there.

The baby quilt is almost done! After a lot of frustrating quilting, I'm finally ready to put on the binding. I'm right on track to finish it in time for the babies!

I think reality is *slowly* starting to sink in. Being told we needed to schedule our C-section in a month made things feel a little more real. We're excited to meet our little ones, but we're also feeling some of the panic start to set it.

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