24 February 2016


Claire Elouise Nelson

4 lbs 4 oz :: 18 in :: 9:15pm

Name Meaning:
When Scott and I were newly married, we always felt like we'd have a little girl first. As time went on, I mentioned that I loved the name Claire and it stuck. When I found out I was having twins, I was semi disappointed because I assumed our "first" baby wouldn't be a girl. Quickly enough, we found out that Baby A was a girl, and it all seemed to fit into place.
She is also named after Clermont-Ferrand - where Scott lived while we were dating.

Elouise is after the Lumineers song by the same name, and Lake Louise in Canada.

Claire is a little sweetheart who tends to be a little more quiet. We call her "little bear" and love to dote on her. She has beautiful big eyes and if you can catch it, a darling smile. She does NOT like to cuddle and keeps to herself. She loves sleeping and is really good at falling asleep on her own. She's petite and long, but is finally starting to get some cute chub on her cheeks.

She hates her pacifier, tummy time, naps, and breastfeeding. She's just kind of a hater. She's now bottle-fed and because of her projectile vomiting, we're trying to find a formula that settles well with her. She loves her dad and will smile all day long listening to him talk to her.
As of 3 months, she is 10 lbs and sleeping longer stretches at night!
She's definitely got us wrapped around her finger and we think she's just the sweetest thing.


                                           1 Month                                                                               2 Months

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