24 February 2016


Rainier Vincent Nelson
4 lbs 9 oz :: 18.5 in  :: 9:17 pm

Name Meaning: I had promised Scott a while back that we could include the name Rainier into our baby boy's name. At first I wasn't in love with the idea, but it was the one name Scott adored. When I first met baby boy in the NICU, and he held on to my finger with all his little strength, I immediately thought, "my little Rainey." And so Rainier became his first name.
Vincent is after a friend of ours in Paris (going along with a french theme).

Rainey is quite the cuddler. He's definitely a people person, and loves to smile and socialize. He's wide eyed and hates to sleep (yay). He's super vocal, both in fussiness and with cute coos. He loves nursing, and could probably be attached to the boob all day if I let him.

He's peed into his face way more times than I can count, and snorts/grunts/makes the dorkiest noises often. As of 3 months, he weighs 11.5 lbs! He can focus on faces and toys and can almost hold his head up on his own. As of late, he loves munching on his hand whenever he gets the chance.

He has the sweetest face and will definitely be a mama's boy.


                                  1 Month                                            2 Months

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