04 April 2016

Twins Birth Story:: Part 1

Four months since the babies have been born - it's about time I got around to this!
Little did I know that just two weeks after my 32 week update, I'd be in the hospital with little twins.  Here's the story to play catch up:

I was just 34 weeks, and had scheduled my C-section for December 6th (3 weeks later). I was excited and nervous, and thought I should probably get my butt into gear and pack a hospital bag.

The following day, I went to a routine checkup at my OB office, where the PA kept commenting on my swollen feet. She checked my vitals and found that I had high blood pressure and protein in my urine. They had me get some blood-work done before I left, and told me they'd update me the following day. I didn't think anything of it, so it didn't cross my mind to update my parents. Instead, I went to target to finish off some last minute shopping.

The next day (Thursday, Nov. 19) I was feeling extra lazy and sick of the third trimester. As a reason to get out of the house, I decided to meet Scott at Shake Shack during his lunch break. While there, my nurse called and told me she wanted me to go to the hospital for some more testing. I was semi-nervous, and didn't think anything would come of it. Luckily Scott was able to get off of work for the rest of the day so that he could go with me.

We got to the hospital around 2pm. They gave me a hospital gown, strapped me up to the monitors, and began to test my vitals. Of course, they gave us no indication of what was going on, but finally after an hour or so said they were going to admit me - it looked like I could be on bedrest at the hospital. After more hours of being at the hospital, the doctor on call came in to talk to me around 7pm. He began to explain to me that tests showed I had preeclampsia and would need to deliver within the next 72 hours, based on it's severity. Scott quickly ran home to get my (mostly packed) hospital bag, and called family to let them know.

Within the next half hour, I found out it was a bit more severe than I realized (my blood pressure was reading at a 160/101!). I was on the phone with Scott, telling him what to pack for the hospital, when the doctor and a group of nurses suddenly came into the room. Surprise! The doctors said it was time to get me prepped for surgery - my preeclampsia was severe so I was going to deliver within the next hour! I quickly told Scott to get his butt back to the hospital, because we were having these babies now. He yelled back "don't let them start without me!"

After that everything was a bit of a blur. A doctor came in to explain the procedure, while nurses began to poke and prod my body. Scott came back just in time to get himself ready and I was rolled out of the room by 8:30pm. Walking into the operating room was the weirdest experience. I always knew I'd need to deliver in the OR, but actually being there was mind boggling. I had also never had surgery or any type of hospital visit - my only real knowledge comes from Grey's Anatomy (I'll have you know the room was considerably more boring than the show's ORs)

Sadly, Scott wasn't allowed into the OR until I was prepped and ready to go. It was a little scary to get ready without him there, but thankfully the nurses and doctors were super kind. The spinal block completely terrified me - but thank the heavens the anesthesiologist was such a kind man. He walked me through it and I barely felt a thing. However, quickly after receiving the spinal block, I felt awful. Not only could I not feel my legs (which is the creepiest sensation), but my head started spinning and I felt like I was going to throw up. Apparently this happened because the spinal block lowered my blood pressure so fast. Again, praise the heavens for the anesthesiologist because he pumped me full of some other awesome meds to help me see straight (can you tell I just LOVED my anesthesiologist?). The curtain then went up, and Scott walked over to my side.

I still couldn't believe this was all happening. There were bright lights, lots of people in the room (thankfully out of sight), the smell of the antiseptic, and some seriously weird japanese techno music. Scott stood next to me the whole time, and watched the whole procedure (I can't even imagine how he stomached that).

Suddenly, the OB asked for the music to be turned off and for everyone to be quiet. It went so quiet and I felt a bit of pressure and a couple of tugs. Suddenly the doctor said, "Here she is!" followed by the sweetest little kitten-like cry. Hearing my baby's first cries was such an other-worldly experience. I was so overwhelmed with love and joy. I looked over at Scott who had the sweetest look on his face.  Baby girl was held above the curtain, and I saw the tiniest little purple-ish baby! After a couple of minutes, and a bit more aggressive tugging, I heard another tiny cry, and baby boy was held above the curtain. I was in so much shock that those were my babies, but I was just so happy and felt such a sacred peace.

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