About Me

My name's Erika and I'm married to a guy named Scott. We are currently living in Las Vegas. After 5 years of marriage, this will be home #5. (We tend to be wanderers.) 
After a couple years of infertility, we found out we were expecting twins. They were born in November of 2015 and we've been attempting to survive ever since.   

I am a wife, English lit. major, yoga lover, sailor, and lover of anything British. I am Mormon. I love pencil skirts, Downton Abbey, being around family, and anything with stripes. Blue skies, birds, laughing, and carbs make me happy.

My husband is a mountain man, Apple lover, and adventure seeker. He loves plaid anything, restoring axes, Parks and Recreation, Swedish style, the color brown, and his first love - France.

I treat this blog like my personal journal. But just don't expect me to write on it often. When I do have time to write, this ends up being a good way to record our memories, for me to practice my creative writing, and keep in touch with loved ones near and far. 

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  1. Hey! I'm a new follower of your lovely blog :) can't wait to read more, and yes carbs will always make me happier ;)