Our Story

In the Beginning of June 2010 I added Scott on Facebook. I only knew him as “the bishop’s son.”
That next day, I received a Facebook message from him. From then on, we kept writing letters back and forth to each other. (Note: we did live right across the street from each other.)

I creeped on him from my front porch, and he worked on his sailboat trying to look cool with his shirt off.

Finally, after two months of nonsense, he texted me asking me when we would talk to each other non-electronically. That night, I snuck out of my house, walked across the street at 12am, met him at his sailboat Harriette, and didn’t come home until 4:30am.

The next day, August 16, we went on our first date. He was charming with Mexican sodas, songs, and hammocks.

August 19. I left for school down in Cedar City.

September 5. He left for school in France.

From September until December, we did not miss a day of Skyping. He still asked me on fancy dates over skype and sent me flowers and kisses from afar.  

December 20. He surprised me and came home early.

January 6, 2011. Again, I went back down to Cedar for the next 4 months.

Finally, after too many long distance dating and many ups and downs,
            June 18, 2011. He proposed by the dock. I said yes.

August 26, 2011. We were married in the SLC temple and loving our life together.

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